Social Events

on September, 4th - Gala Dinner at Kościuszko Mound - 15 minutes drive from the city centre

18:00 Departure from the Congress Venue

18:30 Excursion to the top of the Mound 

19:30 Banquet in a monumental fort from XIX century. 

The Kościuszko Mound - one of five Krakow mounds, is dedicated to Tadeusz Kościuszko - the Polish national hero 1746-1817, is located on the Mount of St. Bronisława

On the day after the third anniversary of Kościuszko's death the celebration of laying foundation for the Mound was held. It was both patriotic and religious in nature. The ruling bodies of the Republic of Krakow participated in it, as well as the Wawel Chapter and the university Senate together with all the estates of Krakow and other Polish lands under occupation by the partitioning powers. The celebration was also attended by foreigners: Italian singer Angelica Catalani, who dedicated the proceedings from her Krakow concert to the Mound, and Bertel Thorvaldsen a world renowned Danish sculptor author of the monument of Prince Józefa Poniatowski in Warsaw, among others. They (Catalani and Thorvaldsen) were the first foreigners to help build the Monument to the citizen of the world. Soon diplomatic notes, in French, where sent to the authorities in the United States, England and France, informing them about the construction of the Mound. It can be then said that the Mound's construction was an international affair, but primarily it was the work of the Polish people.

For military architecture buffs, a visit to the Mound is also an opportunity to visit a unique citadel fort with defensive functions. The Kościuszko Fort 2 surrounding the Mound is one of the oldest surviving elements of the Kraków Fortress. The historic interior of the fort hosts numerous temporary exhibitions. Here you can discover the history of Tadeusz Kościuszko, get to know the secrets of the Kraków Fortress, and stand for a moment “face-to-face” with outstanding Poles by visiting the wax figure exhibit.